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Hail and welcome to Elves of the Wood.

As a new member to the kin it is always good to have a general outline of what is good or bad within the kins inner workings. That being said. I have thought about a few general guidelines to help you out along the way.

1. It is a good rule of thumb to never discuss Religion or Politics. We must all agree that to discuss these things tends to elicit complex feeling and attitudes towards one another. SO if you must discuss these things please do NOT do it in the kin chat tab, but take it to the private messages.

2. Trolls.  While we watch them in world chat have fun and be obnoxious to other people, it is something that will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun and play a game. There is however a difference between a snide comment and outright tearing someone down. While one is tolerable the other is not. We must remember to be kind to one another.

3. Sharing.  Please feel free to share crafting materials with one another. There maybe a time when that person is struggling to get to another tier within their craft and those materials will be a welcomed addition to the process.  Also if you are in need of Armor, food, weapons, etc.. The kin should ALWAYS be your first stop for these items.

4. The kin house vault has many, many things inside of it that are deposited by your kin mates. While we do want you to take what you need, please remember to give as well as take.

5. Language. Now I am not a stickler to this as I have been known to drop a “bad” word every now and again, but lets remember that Kin chat is not the place for profanity laced conversations. Please keep it to a minimum.

6. Kin activities. While these things are not mandatory, it is encouraged that if you are able to take part that you do. We are here to help each other out as much as possible.  Times and dates are always posted at least a week in advance. Sometimes however they are spur of the moment! Never be afraid to ask for help with a quest that requires a group effort!

7. Promotions and demotions.  After 40+ days of being absent from the game you will be demoted. Unless you have sent mail to Pelola or Dannodd stating that you will be gone for a long period of time, after 100 days absent from the game you will be booted from the Kin. Promotions are time and effort based. If you are on for 30 days and have helped out each other as much as you can then you will be promoted to the next level. Officer promotions however are different and will be done when one has proven they are a viable part of the kin, i.e. Attending kin runs, helping lower level players with instances, contributing craft items and mats to other players.  Also if another officer feels you are a good team player then promotions can happen sooner.

As always remember it is just a game. We are all here to have fun and enjoy the company of others as we wander through the great world of LOTRO.



There is no such thing as failure, its just redefining ones objectives!

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