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Welcome to our website!

We are a lifespan rank 8 kinship in the beautiful world of middle-earth in Lord of the Rings Online.

Elves of the Wood has been founded in July 2014 by Amthaleon. however, Amthaleon was soon to be out of the picture due to inactivity. while Amthaleon was inactive for a long period, our current leader Pelola (Cegornil) preyed upon a takeover. when this takeover could be realized Pelola took over ASAP. ever since Pelola took over things have been better and better for the kin.

We have a (medium) group of active players, which are all very kind to eachother. helping is the keyword in our kin, which goes hand in hand with fun. We as a kin prefer to grow steady and slow, with the right people. We tend to do instances together, and send each other crafting items.

And thanks to our captain Dannodd we now even have this awesome website!

might you be interested in joining our kin, send a message to Pelola or Dannodd

Nolez playing king

King nolez

Endo & gim

Gim and Endo in action


our beloved Ska

owned Haudh Valandil

Owned Haudh Valandil


Fearless Dannodd

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